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Sōya Kuroi (黒井 宗矢 Kuroi Sōya?) is the one of the main characters of the Planet With series. He is a highschool-aged boy with amnesia who can barely remember what happened further than one year ago.


He appears human, but is actually a Siriusian.

Personality Edit

His main motivation is to exact revenge against the Dragon that laid waste to his home planet, and it's why he fights Grand Paladin. Once the Dragon is defeated, he loses all motivation to fight, even when other threats manifest. He's fighting Grand Paladin to avenge the destruction of his world and doesn't really care about Nebula's agenda or what will become of humanity.


He eventually regains some of his memories and realizes the members of Grand Paladin are using similar powers to the ones that led to the destruction of his home planet, Sirius, from which he is the only survivor.





  • A running gag is that he is kept from eating meat, either intentionally by Ginko or accidentally by others.


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