Paladin Break 1 is the fifth episode of the Planet With series. It aired on August 5, 2018.

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At the Occult Research Club, Seigi makes a surprisingly normal appearance compared to his previous one, as he returns some books and plans to move with his family away from the coast with the Nebula Weapons attacking. His subdued demeanor concerns the members of the club. As Soya believes it's related to his failed attack on the previous Nebula Weapon, Nozomi believes that Soya is somehow related to the attacks against the Nebula Weapons. After being chased down, Soya decides to tell Nozomi about his recent past, but then plays it off as a joke. The next day, another Nebula Weapon attacks. Takezo and Yosuke are the only active members of Grand Paladin left, so Yosuke goes to fight the weapon and goes to its core as Ginko tells Soya how the Nebula Weapon uses its target's dreams to saps their motivation, essentially sealing them from any greater ambition than their basic needs. Takezo manages to destroy the core, but a large snake emerges from the explosion as a separate part. Soya uses Cat Doping to fly to the scene and cuts down the snake. Afterwards, Takezo challenges Soya to a duel. Meanwhile, Kogane reveals her true allegiance with the "Generalissimo" of the Nebulans' Sealing Faction. The dog-like creature swallows her and turns into a small mech as Takashi prepares to fight her one on one.

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