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Nozomi Takamagahara (高天原 のぞみ Takamagahara Nozomi?) is the one of the main characters of the Planet With series. She is the representative of Soya's class and member of the school's Occult Research Club.


She wears big-frame glasses

Personality Edit


She is barely able to keep her composure when Shiraishi attempts to hypnotize Soya and nearly loses it when he admits he found Shiraishi to be cute.



Sōya KuroiEdit

Despite his morally ambiguous goals, he cares deeply for her well-being and she informs him that his actions have actually saved many lives (Which surprises him greatly as his actions are selfish in nature). Her character early in the series helps Souya be accustomed to living a normal life on earth and is essentially his only confidant aside from Sensei and Ginko. Souya confides the truth about his identity when she corners him. He attempts to write this off as a joke, but she sees through it and vows to keep it a secret regardless.


She is immune to Mind Control. For some reason, Shiraishi's hypnosis powers have zero effect on her.



  • Souya calls her "Megane-Sama" before fully remembering her name.


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