Nebula Soldiers is the second episode of the Planet With series. It aired on July 15, 2018.

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The members of Grand Paladin, the heroes who destroyed the UFO, gather to discuss what happened in the wake of their last battle. They settle on calling the enemy UFO a "Nebula Weapon," and Hideo's assailant a "Nebula Soldier." However, Hideo's memories of that night are fuzzy and he can't identify his attackers. The leader of Grand Paladin, Takashi Ryūzōji, orders the group's members to pair up so they won't be put out of commission like Hideo. Later that day, another Nebula Weapon appears in the sky, different from the previous one. As Grand Paladin fights it over the ocean, Ginko and Sensei explain to Soya about the Nebulans and the difference between themselves (the Pacifist faction) and the strange weapons (the Sealing faction). Miu Inaba is able to fight through its illusions and destroy the core. Miu then lands back on the island with her best friend Harumi Kumashiro, where the Nebula Soldier demands their power as with Torai. The three of them fight, but Soya is able to break through Miu's armor and Ginko takes her power. Soya ignores Sensei's warning and prepares to fight Harumi as well, but he is suddenly surrounded by the rest of Grand Paladin.

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