Light, Seven Flashes is the first episode of the Planet With series. It aired on July 8, 2018.

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Sōya Kuroi is an ordinary high school boy, aside from the fact that he lives with a large cat-like creature named Sensei and a happy green-haired maid named Ginko. One day at school, his city is under attack by a large UFO that appears to be an oddly-designed stuffed animal. All conventional weapons are useless against it, and it attacks by trapping the minds of anyone who gets close to it in a pleasant dreamlike state. Seven men and women appear nearby, transforming into giant armored beasts and attack the UFO. As Hideo Torai reaches the core of the beast, the UFO defends itself by showing him a peaceful dream from his past. Hideo realizes that the visions aren't real and destroys the UFO from the inside. However, upon landing away from his comrades, Hideo finds himself facing a stranger who asks for his power, who happens to be Soya wearing a mask. Soya then gets swallowed inside Sensei's body as he transforms into a small, cat-like mech. He then defeats a depleted Hideo and steals his power, a tiny jar of stardust hanging from his neck. Some of Soya's memories return, as he realizes Hideo's power is similar to that which led to the destruction of his homeworld, and he swears to take Torai's whole team down.

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