Avenger 2 is the fourth episode of the Planet With series. It aired on July 29, 2018.

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Seigi is shown to have given in to the Nebula Weapon's attack, choosing to remain inside his dream. Meanwhile, Harumi spots the Nebula Soldier and challenges him to a 1-on-1 battle. Soya destroys Harumi's arms and tries to finish her quickly, but Harumi refuses to lose in front of Miu, and becomes increasingly enraged, until she loses control and her armor transforms into a powerful dragon. Her attack ends up hitting the middle of the city nearby, and almost destroying her teammates. Benika and Yosuke reluctantly team up with the Nebula Soldier to pacify Harumi before she destroys any more innocents, but her dragon form is too powerful, even for Soya and Sensei's "Cat Doping" powered form. Miu tries to bring Harumi back to normal, and Ginko helps her reach Harumi, shattering the dragon form. Ginko manages to steal Harumi's power in the chaos, but Harumi and Miu are fine with the result. Later, Soya and Sensei are both hungover from the after-effects of the Cat Doping. Elsewhere, Benika demands to know the endgame of Takashi and Grand Paladin. When Takashi responds that he wishes for total, unified justice across the world, Benika thinks he wants world domination and quits the group, leaving her power behind.

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